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Why Study Anthropology?

Study anthropology if…

  • You want to understand what it means to be human through time, from our earliest ancestors and across the many cultures of the world.
  • You want a different view of the world.
  • You want to hear the voices of other peoples who share this world with us, but whose lives are often far different from our own.
  • You want a global perspective.

Anthropologists get to ask and answer the big questions about humanity. Who are we? Where do we come from? Where are we going? If these questions – and many other questions about humanity interest you, study anthropology!

Carved stone
monument from
Peidra Labrada,
Mexico (Photo/ Art
Work Efficiency
Study, CU Boulder
(Photo/ Isa
Stone monkey
(Photo/ Michelle
Tukanoan women
sieving cassava
(Photo/ Paul N.

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