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BrownBag with Adam Schneider, post-doctoral fellow in CIRES
“Political Climates”: Politics, Economics, and Environmental Resilience in Premodern Societies
Friday, October 2 from 12:00-1:00pm in Hale 450 In the past twenty-five years, there has been a resurgence of interest in studying the processes that shaped ancient societal collapses. In particular, a great deal of attention is now being paid to the potential role of environmental change as a cause of ancient collapse events, both in academic literature and popular media. One result of this increased interest in the relationship between social transformations and environmental change is that a growing number of scholars are seeking to understand how and why some past societies appear to have been more resilient in the face of environmental change than others. In this presentation, I will discuss how cultural factors, such as the political and
economic priorities of premodern states, appear to have helped shape their environmental resilience (for better or for worse) during periods of climatic instability. Finally, I will consider what modern societies who are likely to experience similar challenges as a result of anthropogenic climate change might be able to learn from these historical cases. Contact: Jennifer.Deats@colorado.edu

Thursday October 15: “Did the Ilopango eruption in El Salvador cause the collapse of Teotihuacan?” Speaker: Payson Sheets. 7:00pm

Thursday, November 12: “La Consentida: The Origins of Village Life in Coastal Oaxaca, Mexico” Speaker: Guy Hepp. 7:00pm

September 25-26 Grad Conference on “Engaged Anthropology”. Keynote speaker will be Laurence Ralph from Harvard.

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