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• Recent interest in the prehistory of the Uto-Aztecan language family
has been aroused by the application of the Farmer/Language Dispersal
Hypothesis to Uto-Aztecan by Jane Hill.
• Linguistic, archaeologiacal, and genetic data (both human and corn DNA
studies) argue against a dispersal of Uto-Aztecan from Mesoamerica.
• In his recent book, Dr. Shaul supports Kay Fowler’s classic view of the
Uto-Aztecan homeland in southern California extending into the Great
Basin, but he also provides evidence for including the southern Central
Valley of California in the Uto-Aztecan homeland.

Ivy Rieger will give a public presentation prior to her doctoral defense on Friday, May 1 at 11:00am in Hale 455:
Where the Clouds Descend: Fiestas and the Practice of Belonging in San Juan Mixtepec, Oaxaca, Mexico.

What Is A Hunter-Gatherer? On the Cusp of Maize Farming in Western Nebraska
Douglas Bamforth will present this lecture for the Archaeological Institute of America (AIA) Lecture Series
Wednesday, May 6 at 7:00pm in the CU Museum http://cumuseum.colorado.edu

A Special Ceremony for Masters and Doctoral Degrees in Anthropology
will be held at 2:00pm in Hale 270 on Friday May 8.
http://www.colorado.edu/commencement/ Grads RSVP for MA/PhD event.


Photographer needed at both events.

This Graduate Certificate in Interdisciplinary Documentary Media Practices (IDMP) is offered in conjunction with the MFA in Interdisciplinary Documentary Media Practices, which addresses the changing landscape of electronic media making by developing both analytical and production skills across a wide range of platforms, practices and technologies while simultaneously placing them within the broader perspective of culture and history.

The goal of the 12 credit hour Graduate Certificate in IDMP is to meaningfully integrate documentary practices within the student’s research and creative process. As noted ethnographic filmmaker David MacDougall argues, the immersive visual nature of these media provides ways of understanding that are not simply ancillary to text, constitute of a different mode of knowledge. This program will be particularly germane to students in fields such as anthropology and geography where fieldwork involves the collection of audio/visual media materials. The certificate provides students with additional modalities for the presentation of research and constructing research narratives.

The IDMP Certificate is open to any student pursuing a graduate degree in any department at CU Boulder. By sharing experiences and core courses with MFA students in the department, certificate students will encounter a diverse spectrum of research interests and enrich the program’s curricular environment. The MFA program is approached from a variety of philosophical and cross-disciplinary perspectives across both established and emerging digital platforms. The program’s Documentary Lab offers in producing, directing and scripting and fosters an environment of collaboration and research.


For more info: cmcigrad@colorado.edu


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